Pat Flanagan

Aspiring Sports Journalist and Columnist, Sports Follower and Writing Lover. Follow me, read me, message me!

My name is Pat Flanagan, I was born in Long Branch, New Jersey. I moved to Connecticut when I was 7 years old, so I played sports in order to meet new people and to adjust to life in a new area.

Along with sports, I tried to be as funny and affable as possible, so that people would look at me as someone that they would want to hang out with. These early paths I took in life stuck with me to this very day, and I am now persuing a Communications Major and Sports Journalism career.

As a Communications Major and Apsiring Sports Journalist, I have done a fair share of reporting and writing, while sharing my thoughts and views along the way. Two things that I have always prided myself on were my knowledge of sports and my sense of humor.

To me, the future of Sports Journalism involved combining the two, allowing for the readers to learn about all things sports while laughing and enjoying what it is that they are reading.